Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 16 (Monday 5/30)- Shopping in Machida, Hanging in Tsurumaki

Today was going to be a shopping day- I was specifically on the hunt for Japanese rice bowls and pottery to bring back with me to the States.

For breakfast, my aunt Sumiyo made the Japanese version of "cornbread"- Japanese sliced toast with sweet corn kibbles and Japanese mayo, half of a banana, some leftover macaroni salad from the evening before, and some hot soup

Mmmm, this was so good!

Once we finished eating, we got ready to head out shopping. Sumiyo had already made prior commitments to go shopping with a friend in a town called Machida, and Darin and I wanted to go to Machida to go shopping as well.

Darin and I did some power-shopping for Japanese pottery in the morning, and we were pretty hungry by the time lunch rolled around. Since we had planned to meet Sumiyo and her friend after shopping at 2:30pm to grab some tea and ice cream, we needed to have a quick lunch so we could resume more shopping before meeting them. Machida has a lot of restaurants, and after walking around, we saw a Freshness Burger. We had heard of this burger chain, and my sister Naomi said she liked it better than MOS Burger so we gave it a try.

Even though Freshness Burger is considered semi-fast food, the prices were more expensive than MOS Burger (most burgers were around ¥500-¥750 for just the sandwich ($7-$10). They also had a more upscale menu that resembled a cafe- including lattes, organic coffees and teas, and hot cocoas. You can order avocado as a topping for burgers as well. They introduced a new drink this year called the Coconut Choco Latte (wish I liked coffee...)

Albeit small (as most Japanese eateries are), it was cute

I ordered the Freshness Burger for ¥320 ($4)- It had this orange sauce that tasted somewhat like katsu sauce. It was good, but not awesome

Darin ordered the Classic WW Burger (essentially a double patty burger) for ¥740 ($9.25)- Not being a big beef/burger person, this burger was actually really good. Next time, I would choose to get this burger but with one patty. It was juicy and flavorful, and the sauteed onions were awesome

We also ordered some Large fries... though "large" in Japan is really not that large. They were really tasty though.

They had a "condiment" station

... with some sauces I had never seen, such as this Garlic Sauce

They also had a good variety of seasonings, such as rock salt, lemon pepper, etc. You could place your seasonings into these little cute spice cups

On our way back to the department store, Darin and I stopped at this store called Don Quijote, which is a discount chain in Japan. Talk about some interesting things in here. This is fake hair men can buy... Goatees, anyone?

... Or how about some fake mustache?

... All for the (cheap?!) price of ¥1,995 ($25). Hahahaha. How gross.

We also passed by this bakery called Clover- too bad we were full from lunch because these cakes looked delicious... not sure what this is but it looks yummy This is called "Mont Blanc" and has a chesnut flavor (Thanks Jacqui!)

Melon Cream Puffs (Can you tell the Japanese really like melon-flavored food? Melon cream puffs, Melon sodas, Melon candy, Melon cakes....)

Since it was getting close to 2:30pm, we met up with my aunt Sumiyo and her friend (they were shopping in a town close to where we were) and grabbed some tea and ice cream. My aunt Sumiyo ordered a green tea parfait with black sesame ice cream, mochi (rice balls), and green tea beverage

I ordered an iced green tea with green tea ice cream- to die for!

After our afternoon snack, we headed to a few specialty stores (one was this amazing cakery/bakery store with lots of luxury foodie items, including bakeware- why didn't I take any pictures?!) and then back home to start preparing for dinner.

For dinner, my aunt Sumiyo made homemade spring rolls (harumaki). They were delicious!!!!

Here is the filling she used

Our salad- iceberg lettuce with thinly sliced cucumbers, diced cherry tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, and Japanese thinly-sliced ham. I added Kewpie caesar salad dressing to mine

Roasted chicken

After dinner, we enjoyed some Castella (カステラ, Kasutera), which is a popular Japanese sponge cake. Here, the  kasutera was in the shape of turtles


jacqui + erik said...

ooo freshness burger! i have heard of that, and we will have to give that a try this time :) we love mos burger, so we will go to both! haha

those first little cakes at clover are "mont blanc" flavor, which i guess is a sweet chestnut flavor. pepsi in japan came out with a mont blanc flavor sometime last year (i think last winter). people seemed to like it!

and sumiyo's ice cream/mochi/green tea awesomeness looks to DIE for! all things i love! and i'm still so jealous of all this homemade cooking you guys got!!! so cool :)

KikiBelle said...

lol cornbread! kasutera cute cute cute!