Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 18 (Wednesday 6/1)- Going from Yamanashi back to Tsurumaki...

We had plans to go back to Tsurumaki to stay one more night at my uncle Hiroshi's and aunt Sumiyo's house. We made plans to head back to Tsurumaki, pick up my aunt, and then go to lunch at a restaurat called Saint Marc's Bakery and Restaurant. We decided last night that we didn't need to eat breakfast since we were going to grab lunch around 11am, but Echan just got a new bread machine, and what's better than to eat fresh home baked bread first thing in the morning? Since it's on a timer, Echan said she could have the bread be ready by the time we leave, and we can nibble on it on our way back to Tsurumaki.

I woke to the smell of the fresh baked bread- I couldn't resist and had a slice of bread in the morning. The slab of butter melted so easily on the warm, fluffy bread. Ayumi topped her bread with "Peanut Cream"- it looked more like caramel, and tasted like sweet peanut butter.

Before we knew it, Darin, Ayumi, and I had devoured it within 10 minutes. So much for waiting until we got into the car!

On our way to visit Tsurumaki, we stopped at several convenient and grocery stores because I was on the hunt for unique flavored Kit Kats (think: wasabi, cheesecake, etc).... and we finally found one- Wasabi! The chocolate was a light green color, and it definitely tasted like wasabi, but still sweet at the same time.

We also picked up some "Aporo" chocolates. Since Yamanashi is known for their fruits (including mikan= tangerine), this was a local specialty

We finally got to Tsurumaki, picked up my aunt Sumiyo, and went off to the restaurant. Darin started feeling nauseous, and ended up staying in the car to sleep :(

St. Marc's is a bakery and restaurant, and they are known to serve fresh bread right from the oven/bakery. After ordering, we started off with some fresh croissant and table roll

They have a large assortment of breads- Raisin, Chocolate, Spicy Onion, Melon, Apple, etc.

I ordered a pasta meal set. The salad came out first.

... and then a garlic roll came out. It was warm, garlicky, and delicious!

Here is the macaroni & cheese that came with our meal set

I ordered the pan-fried battered pork chops with a creamy marinara topping with seasoned potato wedges. So good!

... with some sesame rolls

Melon bread- this was so flaky, buttery, and warm

Raisin bread with a touch of cinnamon

Chocolate Roll- quite possibly my favorite. The chocolate flavor was intense, and it was buttery good

The meal sets included desserts- some of the desserts you had to pay a surcharge. This one was the Chocolate Banana Mousse with vanilla bean ice cream- Chocolate mousse with small bites of bananas within

I ordered Japanese pudding with vanilla bean ice cream

Apple Roll

Walnut Roll

For our last night with family, Sumiyo made us shumai (Chinese steamed dumplings). Here is Darin and I stuffing the shumai shells with the meat filling

Another delicious salad

Basashi- So... my uncle said we should try this. When I asked what it was, he was about to tell me but I said- "no, don't!". We wanted to try it first before making any judgements. So we tried it. We both said we didn't like or dislike it.... it didn't really have a lot of taste. And then, we found out what it was- basashi is raw horse meat. UGH. Wow. Maybe this is similar to some people not being able to consume raw fish, but at least we can say we tried it.

Mmmm, shumai!

For dessert, we had picked up some Japanese pudding, but it was made in this super cute egg shell containers called "tamago tappurin". It was ¥1,050 ($13), but it was half off that day- score!


jacqui + erik said...

wow...that bakery/restaurant looks SO. GOOD! and i cannot believe that about the raw horse meat! lol! i have heard of it, but you guys are brave. kinda cool you can say you've had it though! haha :) and those puddings at the end are adorable! i love how everything is adorable in japan :)

KikiBelle said...

peanut cream looks so good!