Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hotel review: Oriental Hotel Hiroshima

We loved the location of this hotel. It is located off Hatchobori station off the Hiroshima streetcar route. Once we get off at Hatchobori, it's only a 3-5 minute walk down the street and around the corner from the streetcar stop.

When we finally found it (somewhat tucked away from the main road- Chuo Dori), we decided to go in and get our bags checked so we could begin sightseeing.

The lobby was cute and trendy

We were greeted with a nice letter (replica, definitely not a real signature) and 2 origami when we entered our room

Here is our bed- it's considered a "double", but it was a tight squeeze for the 2 of us

The desk and TV area right next to bed. If we pulled the chair back to get in, we would bump it into the side of the bed- that narrow

Our view outside of our room onto Hiroshima

For the price and location, it can't be beat. The location is great- close to Chuo Dori (with lots of restaurants, karaoke, department stores, and shopping options) and the streetcar stop. The price was about $170 for 2 nights- a steal especially in Japan. That's about all the praise we can give it. Here is our breakdown of our feelings.

- Lobby- The lobby looked nice, demure, and trendy, but it didn't quite match the room
- Bathroom- It did come with so many shower amenities- large bottles of shampoo, face wash, body wash, etc. The shower was tub and the pressure was good.
- Staff was very nice- The staff was very nice and hospitable.

- Bathroom- The bathroom was t-i-n-y. The toilet was practically attached to the sink which was attached to the shower.
- They had wired internet for free, but the cable was so short. I didn't have any flexibility to even move my laptop, so I had to have it be in 1 position the entire time because the ethernet cable from the wall outlet to the laptop was so short. Also, the wired internet was not only spotty but slow
-A/C- OMG was there even A/C? It wasn't that warm outside (maybe 72 degrees) and our room felt warmer. And then we were cramped into a tiny heat, and we were both warm, and we probably increased the temperature in our room just by sitting there. If it had been in the hot humid months, we would have died (and probably left to look for another hotel). Don't come here if you expect your room to be cool.
- Outlets- For being a "business class" hotel, there certainly wasn't enough outlets to plug in your electronics. Today's average person has many electronics- laptop, cell phones, iPods, digital cameras... everything needed to be charged within the 2 days we stayed at the hotel, and there weren't enough outlets to accommodate our electronics charging needs.
- Features- Outdated. Plain and simple
- Carpet- I'm sure they were clean, but I just felt gross inside this hotel so I wore the room slippers while I was in our hotel room
- Space- There was no space for any of our bags. We had to put our luggage on the floor (with the little floor space we had), and had to crouch over every time we needed to change clothes, get our PJs, etc

Overall, I was really disappointed with this hotel. I chose it because it had many positive reviews on,, etc. There was nothing special about this hotel that would make us come back to visit.

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