Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hotel review: Park Hyatt Hotel

After taking a bus (even though there was a free hotel shuttle), we walked into this huge towering tower. We couldn't find the hotel right away, so I asked a gentleman (who looked like he was an employee), and he walked us to the hotel elevator offering to carry our luggage. Apparently, the Park Hyatt starts at the 41st floor of the Park Tower.

Once we got to the 41st floor, we saw this beautiful, glass-encased, glass ceilinged restaurant called the Park Bar. It was beautiful! I can only imagine what kind of view you can see from the bar (though it was rainy and cloudy that day).

The employee walked us past the bar, and though the Park Hyatt Hotel library (apparently with over 2,000 books you can borrow)...

.. past the hotel restaurant (which was gorgeous and classy looking)...
... to the hotel check-in area (which was nice since it felt separated from everything else).

The Park Hyatt Hotel check-in was very different than other hotels. Usually, you see a long front desk and people waiting in line to check-in. Not here. The staff speaks perfect English (and I can only imagine fluent Japanese) and immediately took our luggage and sat us down. The check-in doesn't have a long "front desk"- instead, it's an intimate room with beautiful dark cherry woodwork with tables and nice leather chairs. We were promptly seated in one of the tables, which is where we could check-in with a personal Hotel employee. Check-in was very easy and only took a minute. We had 2 employees guide us to our hotel room on the 47th floor- 1 to guide us, and another to carry our luggage with us. (I wish I could have taken a picture of the lobby, but I just felt a bit too stupid to whip out my camera.)

The hotel was so quiet and peaceful (despite the number of people I saw in the bar, front lobby area, and the traffic that came through this hotel). She walked us to our room, and here is what we saw when she opened the door

In the middle of the "corridor", there was a large closet where we could hang up clothes and store our luggage, as well as a chest where we could store more clothes

To the left of this area was the bathroom

It had a huge deep tub, complete with bath salts, a sponge, and plenty of towels

Next to the tub was an all-glass encase shower

I loved how there was a vanity area next to the sink

The bathroom also has an LCD TV so you can watch TV while taking a soak

It even comes equipped with a scale (which I didn't use, but I know Darin ended up doing so)

When we got into the room, there was another hand-signed note from the manager of the hotel, along with some chocolate-covered almonds.

These almonds were not some chocolate/cocoa-covered almonds. The almonds were wrapped in a creamy soft chocolate that melted away in your mouth. It was so good, I ate all of them in 1 sitting (and probably 2 handfuls)

... And the ice bucket was already pre-filled for you

Inside the fridge was a ton of drinks and alcohol options

Vodkas, champagne, soda, fresh juices, and beer- all at your disposal

It doesn't look like it here, but the bed was so comfy!

Next to each bedside was a controller with buttons to automatically open and close the curtains from your bed

We also had a small desk (free wireless! Our first hotel we'd been to with this)

... and an entertainment console

The bookshelf had several books- Encyclopedia, Dictionary, picture books

It even had some CDs (classical, jazz) to choose from to listen in your room

Even better- you can turn the TV for best viewing pleasure

Even the key to the room was an actual key, with a circular "PHT" tag on it

We put our suitcase in the large closet, put some clothes in the chest, and hung some other clothes in the closet

Here is the view from our room

Another shout-out for the bidet toilets! This one is equipped with a dryer... so if you use the water button, you can then follow it up with a quick "dryer"

We came home both nights around 10pm, and there were always a lot of people going into the hotel and going to the 41st floor. They could just be going to the Park Bar (the glass-encased bar) since it is open to the public, but the hotel/room area was so quiet regardless. We felt so scrummy in our pants and tops- people were constantly wearing nice suits, skirts, dresses- evenm at 10pm at night when we were coming home. Granted, the hotel is located in the Park Tower, which I believe is corporate businesses within.

We really wanted to go to the NY Bar (which apparently has amazing views), but we left our nice clothes back at my sister's house. Next time!

On the 2nd floor of the Park Tower, there is a bakery that serves some amazing desserts:

The bakery seemed to be very popular too, as the selection was great in the morning, but by the time we left to go out to dinner around 8pm, there were hardly any cakes, cookies, and desserts left.

Every night, we'd take a shower and cozy up in the luxurious bathrobes

Here is a brief pro/con list for this hotel:

- English-speaking staff- We loved that every single person could speak both fluent Japanese and English
- Hotel room TV channels- This is the only hotel that offered both Japanese and English channels. While we both enjoyed watching Japanese TV (even though we couldn't understand a lot of it), it was nice to just watch some MTV (and other TV shows) at a hotel
- Complimentary shuttle to/from Shinjuku station to the hotel- The hotel offered a complimentary shuttle  every hour from 9am-9:30pm daily with multiple pick-ups/drop-offs throughout each hour. If the shuttle was still in commute, the hotel would take down your name and you could wait in the lobby seated until the shuttle arrived. Once the shuttle arrived, they will personally come greet you and escort you to the shuttle
- We loved being on the 47th floor- We had terrific views of Tokyo from our hotel room, as main hotel lobby is on the 41st floor
- We loved the hotel room amenities- TV to watch while soaking in the deep tub, beautiful room, wireless internet, lots of space for luggage, iPod hookup. We didn't feel cramped, and I loved having the closet/chest area separate from the main bedroom area
- Hotel hospitality- We continue to sing the praises of Japanese hospitality. When we were lost in the Park Tower looking for the hotel, we got up to the 41st floor, and the concierge knew our names (who knew how?) without us even telling them. It wasn't like the hotel was empty- this hotel had the most traffic of all the hotels we stayed in, with people going in/out even after 10pm.

- Location- I wished the location of the hotel was right by Shinjuku station. I understand most hotels you'd need to take a shuttle or bus to get to, but it would've been easier to just walk out and get to places instead of waiting for the shuttle, taking a taxi (¥710 to get to Shinjuku area), or taking a bus.

Hotel Trivia: The movie <a href="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0335266/" target=_blank>Lost in Translation</a> was filmed in the Park Hyatt Hotel. We watched it just before we stayed at the Park, and saw many familiarities of the hotel.

Recap: What can we say? This is one of the top hotels in Tokyo, and we loved staying here for the 3 days we had it booked. The staff was so hospitable (every time we passed the front lobby area to take the elevators down), every (and I mean EVERY) staff member bowed at us. The room was big and beautiful, and even though it was a Hyatt, there were a distinctly Japanese feel to it. One of the best hotels we've ever had the pleasure of staying in.


jacqui + erik said...

the park hyatt!!!! man, that view <3 i miss it so much. we won't be staying here again unfortunately this time (to save on money) but we will definitely be going in and getting some of those DELICIOUS and fantastic looking pastries again!!!

and i didnt know you could borrow those books in the library! haha...to me it was one of those things where it looks pretty so don't touch it lol...and i wanted that robe SO BAD (to keep!) but i think they were like $80 haha, so we decided not to buy one. but i remember they were so comfy :)

KikiBelle said...

your obsession w/ bidets is cracking me up! the view is stunning!