Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shellac: 21-Day Update

The Shellac manicure is supposed to last 14-days, and I think on my 16th day, my 1st nail polish chipped.

Now, keep in mind, not only have I been traveling (aka. sticking my fingers frequently in my purse to get wallets, misc items out) but I've been helping my sister out by cooking and cleaning too. Yes- it looks kind of trashy, but other than that 1 chip, my nails are still shiny and hard as ever.

Yes, the nail growth is ugly and I need to get the nail polish removed, but I'll get to it when I get back to the States.

For someone who gets chips and nicks by Day 2 with a normal manicure, I've forever become a Shellac girl.

As for how my natural nails feel, it's now Day 24 and I've been chipping away at my 1 nail and my natural nails look fine and healthy. Definitely not damaged (like artificial nails have done in the past). They made my nails super strong (not the actual nail, but due to the super hard nail polish). I was able to remove all the adhesives off my Japanese pottery, and not a) chip a nail or b) chip my polish.

Update as of 6/6/11: I removed the nail polish using cotton balls with 100% acetone. I placed the cotton balls on top of each nail and wrapped it with a piece of foil. I left it there for 15 minutes, and most of the nail polish disintegrated off. Looking at my nails now, the area where the nail polish was looks a little rough, but not damaged. Still, I loved my Shellac manicure!


I've been chronicling my Shellac manicure. Here is 7-day update and my 14-day update.

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