Monday, October 31, 2011

Day #1 (Sunday 10/30)- "Gosh, I'm really warm...."

These are words I rarely utter in the middle of fall. I was shivering on our flight from Dayton to our layover in Minneapolis, shivering when we landed in Minneapolis (Hi Beth! ::waving hand::), but the moment we landed at LAX, I started to feel... really warm.
Darin and I, waiting in Minneapolis for our layover

As we excited the plane, I was shocked to see crowds of people everywhere at LAX- it was 11pm people!
11:30pm PST at LAX = crowded

As we waited to pick up our luggage, I took my coat off and Darin proceeded to take off his windbreaker. We walked outside to take the shuttle to the rental car company, and guess what we saw...
Palm trees everywhere! Took my by surprise after leaving Ohio's amber-colored leaves changing color and fallen leaves on the ground. Looks like we're finally in LA.

The temperature was a crisp 65 degrees (I saw people walking around in t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops). LA- we're looking forward for a fun-filled week ahead... 70 degree weather, sunny days, and lots of food.

Hello, LA!