Saturday, February 11, 2012

How you know you're in LA/California...

Although we've been to various parts of California, this was our first time in LA. Here are a few things that told me we were there:

Traffic- It's hard to tell in this picture, but it was 7:45am and the traffic was getting REALLY congested. Darin started humming the Office Space movie's theme song where it was just dead stopped traffic or the stop & go kind. Either way, both annoying. Keep in mind- if GPS or Google Maps tell you that it takes 15 minutes to get there, chances are it'll take you 30-60 minutes depending on traffic and the time you go.

"Carpool" Lane- These lanes were created to decrease the much-congested highways of LA. These lanes are usually vacant (score) but it's not good when it's on one side of the highway, and you have to merge over 5-6 lanes of traffic to get off at the exit (sigh). Nonetheless, it is nice since it's usually wide open.

Palm trees- We left Ohio in its most beautiful time of year... the amber-colored leaves covered the ground, and lots of fall colors. We come to LA and palm trees are everywhere (and no orange and brown leaves anywhere):
Restaurants and ethnic neighborhoods:

Prices- OMG expensive.
$6.29 for shaving cream?!
Average price of gas
Highway- 1 car at each green light. Since LA traffic is notoriously bad, most highway on-ramps have their own separate red/green light where a certain # of cars are alloted per green light to avoid accidents and highway congestion.
Make sure you have enough money in the parking meter or else you'll get slapped with this:

Pimped out industrial vans